Sharing a map publicly

On smappen, you have several options for sharing your maps.

By default, a map is always private. You can review the sharing properties using the icon “Share” in the top right corner of your map.

To share this map, click on the “Share” button.
Always start by changing the map properties: click on “Public map”

When a map is public, meaning it is ready to be shared or already shared, the icon in the top right corner of your screen will change. You will now see a world icon and the “Share” button.

The different options:

Option 1 – Share a link to the map
Copy the link and paste it into an email or conversation to share this map with another person. Anyone receiving this link will be able to view the map.

To edit the map, the recipient must have a smappen license.
By sharing this link with a user who has a smappen license, you are sharing a copy of the map. If the user modifies the map, it will be duplicated in their own maps. To collaborate on the same map with others, you should choose the sharing option “Allow users to edit the map” (described below – option 3).

Option 2 – Embed on a website
To embed the map on your website (iframe), simply copy the corresponding link and directly integrate it on your website.

Option 3 – Allow users to edit the map
Add the email addresses of smappen users with whom you want to be able to edit the map. Enter the person’s email address and press “Add” to send them a link to the map.

Remove editing rights from a user
To remove editing rights from a user on your map, press the small red cross in the top right corner of their email address.

Note: Maps are always private by default, even for users within the same company. To share a map or access a colleague’s map, you must share it.

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