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Exporting an Excel report on population (US and France only)

Feature available in: PRO plan

Whether for a presentation or a business plan, it can be useful to have all the population data in an Excel file; the file will also include charts and tables. smappen enables you to generate, with a single click, an Excel document summarizing the population data for a catchment area.

If you want to extract the population data for an area, select the area to be analyzed by:

  • Clicking on it on the map
  • Clicking on its name on the area-management panel
  • Selecting it from the drop-down list on the Analytics and data panel

To extract population data for a folder (i.e. all the cities in all the areas included on the folder), select the folder to be analyzed from the drop-down list on the analytics and data panel:

On the analytics and data panel, click on “Population”:

Wait until the extraction is finished, then click on “Export (Excel)”:

The generated Excel spreadsheet has five tabs:

  • Area: contains an image of the area and key data about it
  • Population: contains the area’s demographic data
  • Employment: contains the employment data for the area
  • Housing: contains the housing data for the area
  • Household: contains data on the make-up of households in the area

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Updated on February 27, 2024