Draw a radius on a map

Start drawing a radius on a map with smappen. Draw as-the-crow-flies or isodistance areas very easily and free of charge. Choose the distance and the transport mode, the algorithm calculates and draws for you the radius.

What is a radius map?

A radius map is a map on which you can draw and view circular areas by setting a starting point and a specific distance from it (the radius). You set the starting point by inputting an address or coordinates (longitude and latitude).

How to set a radius on a map?

You can use mapping tools like smappen to draw a radius. Open the app, click on “Add an area” then press the button with the ruler icon to select “Distance” mode. Next, click on the bird icon to choose “As-the-crow-flies” mode. Now, enter the starting address, choose the distance and click on “Calculate”. You can now see your radius on the map!

Follow our step-by-step guide.

What is the best software for drawing a radius map?

There are several options for drawing a radius map. You could pick a radius calculator, but this would not allow you to do anything apart from drawing a simple radius map. However, there are more sophisticated tools available, which can be used free of charge.

With smappen, you can choose the mode you want to use to create your areas: isochrone (area that can be reached by travelling for a given amount of time with a given mode of transport) and isodistance (area that can be reached by travelling a given distance with a given mode of transport), radius (circle), zip codes, or manual mode (area drawn with the lasso tool). By using this suite of area-creation tools, you can set up a map showing markers for your locations, and your catchment areas and territories. This map will enable you to see which places can be reached from your locations by travelling for a given amount of time or over a given distance.

An extremely useful tool for businesses, smappen can be used in all sorts of ways: accessing demographic and population data to conduct local market research; extracting cities and zip codes to manage local marketing strategies or e-commerce logistics; exporting automated reports to conduct more in-depth analysis, and finding the right location for a new site.

How to do map a radius around an address?

Use smappen app to do this! You just need to type your address, then select the Distance mode, put your chosen distance and click on “As-the-crow-flies” mode. Then, click on “Calculate” to draw your radius on a map. 

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