Travel-time map

Smappen is a map that tells you where you can travel to in a given amount of time or by covering a certain distance.

How far?

Depending on the mode of transport you pick, smappen looks at lots of criteria (speed limit on each type of road (city, countryside, highway, etc.), public transport timetables, cycle paths, etc.) and draws the area that you can reach when travelling the specified distance or time.

These travel-time areas are also called isochrones or catchment areas.

Based on travel times

By car

By bicycle

On foot

By public transport

A driving-radius map tool

Use smappen to get the right answers.

To choose the best location for your business

smappen provides you with population data on your areas, so that you know which is the best location for your business.

To optimize your logistics (delivery, pricing, technicians, etc.)

Save time and money by providing the best-optimized areas for your deliveries or technicians.

To go and visit friends

Just moved to a new city? Friends all over the country? Find where you can get to in a given travel time.

To target your marketing campaigns

Easily extract zip codes from your areas, for the best-targeted campaigns.

To find your next home or job

Want to move, but don’t want to be too far away from your place of work? smappen shows you the ideal geographic area where you should house-hunt, with a variety of home-to-workplace travel times.