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Zip Code Map
Cecile Sablayrolles

How to create a zip code map

ZIP code maps are invaluable tools for data visualization and analysis. Learn how to create a zip code map with geomarketing apps

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Julie Favre

How to avoid market cannibalization?

Market cannibalization can be detrimental to businesses, but strategies like segmentation, product differentiation, innovation, pricing optimization, and clear communication can help prevent it.

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Nolwenn Prat

How to spot foot traffic?

Spotting foot traffic can be interesting for your business 🎯 Why is this data important and why might you need it? If your business model

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Nolwenn Prat

How to prepare B2B prospecting ?

As a B2B business, one of the biggest challenges is to identify potential customers and to target them effectively. Fortunately, with geomarketing solutions like Smappen,

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