Introducing Our New Pricing


Today marks a big day for Smappen!

We’re thrilled to announce our fresh, new pricing structure, effective immediately.

Farewell, PLUS plan, and say hello to our two streamlined plans:

  • The ESSENTIAL Plan at $99/month
  • The PRO Plan at $199/month

In the ever-evolving world of Smappen, let’s dive into some facts that will make you see why this change is so exciting.

Crunching Smappen's Numbers?

Presenting Smappen today:

  • More than 80,000 active users each month.
  • Over 700 satisfied clients.
  • A team of 13 passionate individuals.
  • Millions of zones generated each week.
  • A presence all over the world.

The Winds of Change

You might be wondering, “Why the shift in pricing?”

Well, since our last pricing adjustment in 2021 (yes, it’s been two years already!), Smappen has undergone a spectacular transformation.

Brand-new features and enhancements that boost both performance and user experience:

  • We are the proud parents of a new feature: we’ve added over 24 million references of companies and services all across the USA to help you easily find your competitors and locate interesting points of interest
  • We’ve improved the population data by adding some more insights from the Census Bureau
  • You know what’s going with this? A heatmap feature! You can now visualize densities on your map (population, median income, houses…)
  • We’ve gone all out with a complete app makeover based on tons of UX research. Now, Smappen is easier to use than ever before!
  • You can now create your own areas by simply selecting ZIP codes, counties or states.
  • “Oh man, why 12h when you can drive for 24h?” Yes, we did it: you can create your driving-time areas until 24h instead of 12 before 🙂

But it’s not just the app that’s evolving:

  • Our team has doubled, going from 5 to 13 members, and we’re still on the lookout for fresh talents.
  • We’re venturing into new markets, both internationally and within France.
  • Innovative projects are in the pipeline, and we can’t wait to unveil them in due time!

Exciting new features and cascading improvements are on the agenda.

The journey has just begun, and we’re delighted to have you by our side!

Stay tuned for more thrilling updates, The Smappen Team

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