Unleash the Power of Location Intelligence for Optimal Logistics and Deliveries

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to logistics and deliveries. That’s where Smappen steps in, the ultimate tool to streamline your operations and optimize every step of the process.

Territory Coverage with travel-time or distance areas

Say goodbye to blind spots and overlapping territories. Smappen’s intuitive interface allows you to visualize and understand the areas where multiple locations or warehouses operate. This knowledge empowers you to optimize resources, minimize redundancies, and ensure flawless coverage across your entire network.

Effortless Territory Assignment

Take control of your logistics network like a pro. Smappen simplifies territory assignment, allowing you to allocate specific areas to each location, whether it’s a bustling warehouse or a busy store. Seamlessly manage and distribute resources, tailored to the unique needs of each location.

Visualize and Optimize Routes

Picture perfect logistics is just a click away. Smappen’s powerful mapping capabilities bring your territories to life, enabling you to visualize and optimize routes like a seasoned pro. Reduce transit time, slash fuel costs, and elevate overall logistics efficiency to new heights.

Contractor Management Made Easy

Say hello to seamless contractor management. Smappen revolutionizes the way you handle delivery contractors. With clear territorial visualization and assignment, you can effortlessly delegate responsibilities, monitor performance, and ensure that deliveries are executed flawlessly across your entire network.

Isodistance or Isochrone Analysis

Tailor your logistics strategy to perfection with Smappen’s isodistance analysis feature. Whether you need driving distances for trucks or other specific parameters, we’ve got you covered. Optimize routes, plan deliveries, and conquer the road with confidence.

Effortless Data Import

Importing data allows logistic teams to assign customers or orders to existing areas and warehouses with precision and efficiency. By importing your data, you gain a clear understanding of which areas or warehouses are best suited for efficient distribution and fulfillment. Streamline assignments and optimize resources with ease.

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