Power Your Sales Strategies with Location Intelligence

Forecast Sales, Assign Territories, Understand Your Customers,  and Optimize Sales Strategies. Smappen is the ultimate tool for  sales developers!

Get to Know Your Market

Population Insights

Dive deep into demographic data with Smappen! Gain valuable insights about your target market’s population, including age, income, and lifestyle preferences. This knowledge will fuel your marketing and sales decisions, giving you the competitive edge.

Analyze Competition Pressure

Stay ahead of the game by analyzing competition in your market. Smappen helps you identify your rivals and understand their strategies. This valuable information allows you to shape your own winning game plan.

Sales Territory Mapping

Avoid sales overlap and maximize your coverage! Smappen helps you identify areas of sales overlapping, allowing you to optimize your sales strategies. Visualize sales boundaries, analyze performance metrics, and make informed decisions for sales success.

Forecast Sales with Precision

Accurate Sales Forecasts: Let Smappen be your crystal ball! Our advanced algorithms and data analysis provide accurate sales forecasts. Leverage these insights to optimize inventory, allocate resources effectively, and achieve your sales targets.

Understand Your Customers

Customer Segmentation: Unlock a deeper understanding of your customers with Smappen’s segmentation capabilities. Segment your customer base based on demographics, preferences, and behaviors. Tailor your marketing messages and strategies to engage each segment effectively.

Zip Codes Export

Monitor local marketing campaigns effortlessly by exporting zip codes corresponding to your campaign areas, created by isodistance or isochrone. Gain valuable insights into campaign reach and effectiveness for data-driven adjustments.

Demographic Data

Unlock comprehensive demographic data to understand your target market better. Leverage this knowledge to tailor your marketing and sales strategies for maximum impact.

POIs & Competition Insights

Identify key points of interest and understand your competition with Smappen’s insights. Discover opportunities and gain a competitive advantage in your market.

Data Import

Seamlessly import your own data into Smappen for a holistic view. Merge customer databases, sales data, and other relevant information to enhance analysis and drive strategic decision-making.

Conquer the galaxies of marketing and sales success!