Oalley becomes smappen

Great news for you, our users! Oalley becomes smappen. 🤯

Huh, what, but why?

Since 2018, we’ve been working to bring you a simple, accessible, flexible and smart mapping app. Today, we’re unveiling our new name and identity to always better align with our values, mission, ambitions and future!

Why change our brand?

Because OALLEY was difficult to remember, to write and to pronounce for the majority of our users.

We decided to change our name because we are still at the beginning of our adventure, and we wanted to adopt a name that would reflect our image and correspond to our values of simplicity, modernity, and flexibility.

Smappen is the name for a long-term future with you!

Why smappen?

Smappen is the evocation of intelligence (smart), cartography (map), application (app) and above all the possibility, through our easy-to-access solution, to make your projects bloom… In short: “make it happen“.

As you can see, smappen is a modern, intuitive and technological name. Smappen is your daily companion that will help you make decisions easily and quickly.

A name that comes with a new identity… Oh wooooaw 🤩🤩

Our logo evokes and complements the name. Both a north star and a compass, smappen is a reliable landmark, providing guidance and direction. The star brings light, understanding and decision. We propose a simple and functional tool, efficient, universal like a compass, symbol of cartography, our core business.

With this new name and this new logo, new colors too! A pure purple to reaffirm both the modernity and the digital that accompanies our R&D efforts and a bright raspberry red, energetic and very effective, to get straight to the point! 😉

We know you love our design philosophy! You’d be surprised how many meanings colors and shapes have 😉

A new name for our core mission

This new identity is unveiled to reaffirm our ambitions. Smappen has recorded a skyrocketing growth over the last few years, with a turnover increase of over 230% since 2020. 🚀

Our mission is to democratize geodata for all companies.

We are pursuing this objective by offering you an innovative, easy-to-use, accessible and flexible application with a daily accompaniment of our customers.

In short, a new name, a new identity, a new life 🙂

Start using smappen now