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Simple as a piece of cake, Smappen is the easiest territory mapping tool that you ever had. Discover how we achieve that!

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Smappen is dedicated to revolutionizing the way people navigate and explore the world, providing an innovative, user-friendly mapping solution that seamlessly integrate insightful data and advanced features to enhance every journey.

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At Smappen, transparency isn't just a value; it's our guiding principle.

We pledge never to mislead our customers – if our solution isn't the right fit, we'll candidly say so and, where possible, recommend alternatives. Internally, our commitment to transparency is equally robust. From open access to company financials, including salaries, to fostering an environment where every team member is encouraged to discuss and suggest improvements at all levels, including feedback for our founders, we ensure that honesty and clarity are at the forefront of all we do.


Leading to shared success and better service for our customers.

We're committed to enriching our customers' daily lives, offering not just technical assistance but also proactive tips to enhance their job performance. Within our team, this spirit of collaboration is paramount: each member is dedicated to mutual assistance. This is why we favor collective goals instead of individual ones. We prioritize having the time to assist colleagues, understanding that helping each other, even in ways that might not immediately seem to align with our individual roles, ultimately leads to shared success and better service for our customers.


Dedicated moments for innovation to stay at the forefront of technology.

Our development team dedicates entire days each month to 'Innovation Sprints,' where they can work on side projects. These sprints are a playground for exploring new ideas, coding techniques, and testing new algorithms. It's a time for creative freedom and technical exploration. But it's not just our developers who get to innovate, our marketing, sales and CSM too, to explore unconventional ideas. These dedicated moments for innovation across all teams ensure that Smappen remains at the forefront of technology and creativity.

Take responsability

Steering the ship, empowering every Smappen team member

Here, taking charge isn't just a suggestion – it's a way of life. We thrive on the idea that real growth, both personal and collective, comes from stepping up and owning our roles. Every team member, regardless of their position or expertise, is empowered to take full command of their responsibilities. Passionate about pitching an idea? At Smappen, that's just what we do. Decision-making is not reserved for the few; it's the right of everyone. We champion this spirit of autonomy, knowing it's the secret sauce that lets everyone in our team evolve and succeed according to their own ambitions.


Navigating with number for our future.

We're not just dabbling in metrics; we're fully immersing ourselves. From tiny trials to major moves, everything gets the number-crunching treatment. Why? Because we’re big believers in data-driven decisions. No room for guesswork here! If a strategy isn’t performing as expected, we don't get hung up. We adapt, shift gears, and move on. And when we spot a winning formula, we're all over it, scaling up at speed.


Dedicated to making a positive impact on the planet.

Everybody knows we're all experiencing challenging turning points today. That's why our commitment to ecology-mindedness shapes our operations; from reducing our carbon footprint to avoiding air travel and contributing 10% of our profits to environmental causes, we're dedicated to making a positive impact on the planet.

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Meet our heroes

Dan Faudemer


CEO and founder of Smappen, a passionate technologist with a flair for creativity. While steering his company, he fully embraces being a young parent. Interestingly, his secret delight lies in appreciating the rain, finding charm in life's simple pleasures.

Laurent Leclerc


Co-founder at Smappen, Laurent embodies the entrepreneurial mindset with a deep appreciation for data and analytics. Known for his rapid approach in business, he equally enjoys the thrill of paragliding. A master at analyzing figures and soaring through the skies, Laurent is the go-to person for both precision and adventure!

Benoît Goudy

Full-stack developer

Benoît is a full stack developer at Smappen. When he's not busy creating mini video games or having coffee with colleagues, Benoît loves tackling tech challenges to continually innovate on our application!

Romain dudek

Business developer USA

Business Developer at Smappen, who once aspired to be a football player. He maintains a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere in his daily routine. Now, he's an expert in location-based intelligence. Whether it's on the football field or in the realm of business, Romain always brings his best effort!

Nolwenn prat

Customer success manager

Customer Success Manager at Smappen, she excels in providing custom solutions to her clients. Skilled and knowledgeable in implementation and logistics issues, she's the ideal person for solving problems. Outside of guaranteeing customer satisfaction, she can be found living life to its fullest!

Cécile Sablayrolles

Growth marketing manager

Growth Marketing Manager at Smappen, Cécile is known for her upbeat demeanor, tech-savvy nature, and love for cooking. She adeptly handles everything from geomarketing to logistics issues and market research, skillfully blending professional guidance with her delightful cinnamon cookies!

Nicolas girardeau

Business developer UK & France

Business Developer at Smappen, don't be misled by his youthful charisma because Nico is well-equipped to advise you on your geomarketing strategies. Efficient, quick, and calm, Nico puts as much energy into winning at Basque pelota as he does in persuading potential Smappen clients!

Jules cléro

Full-stack developer

Jules, a talented developer at Smappen, is renowned for his culinary skills that delight his colleagues. He balances his passion for scuba diving and morning runs with crafting innovative tech solutions, making him a well-rounded and valued team member.

Julie Favre

Content Manager

Content Manager at Smappen, Julie is passionate about writing and the wonders of location-based technology. She embodies the quintessential French stereotype with her taste in food, a keen eye for fashion, and a discerning palate for fine wine.

David Royer

Full-stack developer

Got a question about South Korea or e-gaming? Go see David! Also a developer and specialized in UX design, David creates the best intuitive and user-friendly mockups tailored to our users' needs.

Anne-Claire Gérard

Full-stack developer

Anne-Claire is our champion developer on the team! She enjoys questioning decisions to better challenge new projects. A true asset when it comes to making the best choices while innovating.

David Micouin

Full-stack developer

David is our algorithm and data processing hero! He is equally passionate about mountaineering, rock climbing, and innovative data algorithms. What do these interests have in common? Adventure and discovery, of course! Always smiling, David is a real ray of sunshine on the team.

Loïc Bringuier

Business developer France

Don't let his serious demeanor fool you; we're dealing with a Loïc who's got a wicked sense of humor and a natural gift for gab. He founded the nasal strips clan on the team... either they're truly groundbreaking, or he's just that good at selling us anything 😂

Marion Serano

Customer Success Manager

From the chemistry lab to the digital corridors, and through nonprofit work, Marion needs to find meaning in what she does! Guided by her love for human interaction and innovation, she assists clients with her signature smile and kindness.

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