Managing a map’s users

Smappen allows you to work with several people on the same map. You can give other users editing permission for your maps.

To manage the users authorized to edit your maps, access the map’s sharing-management panel by clicking on share icon menu (top right) :

Adding users to a map #

This takes you to the map’s sharing-management panel. To add users with editing permission for your map, type in their username and click on “Add”:

Please note: 

  • Editing permission give other users the same rights to the map as you. This includes the ability to add users to this map, or remove them from it.
  • Only users subscribed to a smappen plan can add users.
  • Only users subscribed to a smappen plan can be added.

Deleting users from a map #

To remove a user’s editing permission, go to the map’s sharing-management panel, and click on the “X” symbol corresponding to the username of the person you want to remove from the map.

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