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Creating administrative areas

Smappen enables you to outline areas using administrative boundaries. This functionality is particularly useful for establishing an exclusive zone within a franchise agreement.

This feature is currently available in the following countries :

CountriesKind of administrative area available
United Kingdom– Postcode districts
– Postcode sectors
United States of America– States
– Counties
– Zip codes
France– French departments
– Postcodes
– Communes
– Iris
Belgium – Communes

To start, set the starting point for your zone:

  • Write the address in the search bar
  • Select a starting address directly from the map: right-click on the map > starting address

To get started, access the zone management panel located at the upper left corner of your screen.
Click on β€œAdd an area,” followed by β€œTerritory”
Choose your preferred mode:
– States
– Counties
– Zip codes
– Communes

Click on the β€œDraw” button :

Then select the desired areas by clicking on them on the map.
Once done, click on β€œFinish” to create the area :

You can also use the Lasso function :

To go further:

Updated on April 9, 2024