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Preparing your file to be imported

Feature available for all plans: Free – Up to 100 pins | Essential – Up to 1,000 pins | Pro – Up to 10,000 pins

To import pins onto the map, you must have an Excel file containing the list of addresses or GPS coordinates corresponding to your datapoints.

The first line of your file absolutely must be a header. There must be at least one column for the addresses or GPS coordinates. It can contains as many columns as you want. Accepted address formats are :

  • Clean Address with the country (United States, United Kingdom, …)
  • Postal Code/ zip Code with the city and the country
  • Lattitude, Longitude

Important: The cells containing the addresses must not contain any line breaks.

Here is an example of a format that could be imported:

Your file must be in the classic Excel format. Once the file is ready, you can click on “My data” on the right-hand panel, then “Add your data”.

How can I add my address in a single cell ?

If my address is split in several cells, I can use an Excel formula to combine the various elements into a single cell:
simply add & ” ” & between each element I want to combine.

My adresses aren’t properly located, what should I do ?

Smappen utilizes million of adresses worldwilde to geolocate your data. That’s why it’s important to mention the country in your address column. In Excel, if your address is, for instance, in column B2, simply enter the following formula in a new column: = B2 & “, COUNTRY NAME”.

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Updated on April 19, 2024