Visualizing densities – Heatmap (US only)

Feature available in: PRO plan

The Heatmap provides a intuitive way to analyze data using colors. By displaying density levels, you will be able to quickly spot where your target audiance is most concentrated

1 – To display the heat map, click on the “Heatmap” button located at the bottom left of your screen

2 – Select the density you want to analyze. Take your pick!

  • Population density
  • Median household income
  • Median age
  • Unemployment rate
  • Average family size
  • Housing owner rate

3 – Voila! The results pop up on your map like magic!

You can quickly determine in which area(s) your target audience is concentrated

4 – Creating zones based on the Heatmap is also possible.

  • Display the heatmap on the map.
  • Select “Add an area”.
  • Choose either a manual area or an administrative area based on the zip codes.

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