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Visualizing densities – Heatmap

Feature available in: PRO plan

(US, UK, France and Belgium only)

The Heatmap provides an intuitive way to analyze data using colors. By displaying density levels, you will be able to quickly spot where your target audience is the most concentrated. This feature in currently available for your areas in the United States, the United Kingdom, in France and in Belgium.

1 – To display the heat map, click on the β€œHeatmap” button located at the bottom left of your screen

2 – Select the density you want to analyze. Take your pick!

United States– Population density
– Median household
– Median age
– Unemployment rate
– Average family size
– Housing owner rate
Belgium– Population density
– Median Income
– Median age
– House denity
– Real estate transactions
United Kingdom– Population density
– Median income
– Houses density
– Housing owner rate
– Unemployment rate
– Mean age
France– Population density
– Median Income
– Executive density
– Density of 0-14 year old
– Density of 15-29 year old
– Density of 30-44 year old
– Density of 45-59 year old
– Density of 60-74 year old
– Density of 75+ year old
– Density of houses
– Density of second homes

3 – Voila! The results pop up on your map like magic!

You can quickly determine in which area(s) your target audience is concentrated

4 – Creating zones based on the Heatmap is also possible.

  • Display the heatmap on the map.
  • Select β€œAdd an area”.
  • Choose either a manual area or an administrative area based on the zip codes (only available in the United States, in France and in Belgium)

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Updated on February 26, 2024