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Generate your Analysis Report

Feature available with the : PRO PLAN

With smappen you can create and customize a report on your areas (Custom Area Analysis).
The report is available in the follow countries :

United Kingdom
United States of America

1 – On your map, select the zone or the folder for which you wish to generate a report.

2 – Click on the “Report” button :

3 – Press on “customize the report” to set up your personnalisation parameters such as name, logo and colors.

4 – Click on “Download my report”

You will receive a summary document in a Word format:

This report includes :

  • a presentation and a summary of the catchment area (location, area, key population and business data);
  • population data for the area (age and gender, employment, housing) ;
  • business data, linked to the “POints of Interest” searches you’ve created. You’ll find a map of the companies from the list, and data on the 50 companies closest to your location;
  • a list of the sources of all the data used to draw up the custom local analysis.
Updated on May 28, 2024