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The map

The map enables you to view your areas and different kind of data (points of interest, population data through the heatmap, imported data).

There are several things you can do straight from the map:

  • Select an area to analyze: left click on the area.
  • Visualize data from your imported pinpoints: hover the cursor over the pin in question.
  • Set the starting point for creating a new area: right click on the map, then select “Starting address”.
  • Merge two areas: right click on one of the area, then click on “Merge” (see Merging areas)
  • Cut out part of an area: right click on one of the areas, then click on “Subtract” (see Subtracting areas)
  • Import areas in KML format: to add one or more areas contained in a KML file, use drag and drop to move the file directly onto the map (see Importing areas)
Updated on February 2, 2024