Drive Time analysis

Find population inside a drive time radius

>> Get demographics report by a chosen radius
>> Search points of interest
>> Import your data to organize your territories

Demographics report

Smappen gives you the exact indicators for each of your areas from the Census database. Start analyze your areas to find the best location

Points of interest

Search within 250 millions of references to spot your competitor, schools, stations and transports and understand the economic tissue

Data import

Go further with your analysis and import your own data (CRM, …) to understand your customers’ behavior

I have been searching for this software for years! smappen is nothing short of incredible. It is exactly what I needed and produces fantastic results. And the user interface… It is so simple!

I manage 25 territories across the US for medical device sales distribution. Mapping territories for my reps has never been easier. smappen turned me into a hero at the company!

Exceptional and personal training and support. It did exactly what I wanted it to do, with a very high degree of accuracy.

What is a drive time analysis?

The drive-time analysis uses isochrones to create drive-time areas to get demographics inside this zone. It permits the analysis and assessment of the market potential of a territory. Geographic analyses are used by franchisors, retailers, and sales and marketing persons who need to organize their prospection, optimize their campaigns or, attribute sales territories. 

How do I create a drive time map?

You just need to access a mapping tool that allows you to create isochrones with the parameters you need. Try smappen now, it’s free

How is drive time calculated?

Travel-time is calculated by an algorithm.  It automatically estimates the area that can be traveled for a certain amount of time. It depends on the means of transport: on foot, by car, on a bicycle, etc, and the roads. Travel time areas are calculated in normal traffic conditions. smappen algorithm is as accurate as Google Maps. 

How to create drive time areas?

  1. Go on
  2. Open the area creation panel on the top left 
  3. Write your starting address
  4. Select the time
  5. Choose the means of transport
  6. Click on “Compute” button

Your first drive time area is created! Follow our tutorials for further instructions.

Why using drive-time analysis?

Drive-time analysis is very useful for business: sales, marketing, route or distribution planning, and store locations. It is particularly interesting for franchisors who need to manage their expansion.